TTIX2 is born!

27th January 2017 – TTIX is pleased to announce the establishment of a second Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Trinidad and Tobago, TTIX2, based in the southern part of the island of Trinidad. TTIX2 is situated at Airlink’s Data Center in Princes Town, Trinidad, and has been established primarily to facilitate […]

Cache services live at TTIX

November 1st 2016 – TTIX is pleased to advise that two major caches have been commissioned and are now available for its members. In the latter half of 2016, TTIX has managed to attract and commission caching nodes from Akamai and another global content delivery provider, in order to serve […]

Trinidad Root Servers Live!

October 31, 2015 – Internet subscribers in Trinidad and Tobago now benefit from the country now having its own Internet DNS Root Servers. The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the phonebook of the Internet. Trinidad and Tobago is now one of only a handful of countries in the Caribbean to have a local copy of […]

Hosting agreement executed between TTIX and Fujitsu

HOSTING AGREEMENT EXECUTED BETWEEN TTIX AND FUJITSU FOR TT INTERNET EXCHANGE POINT Port of Spain, Trinidad – April 1, 2014: The Board of the Trinidad and Tobago Internet Exchange (TTIX) has announced the execution of a Hosting Agreement with Fujitsu Caribbean (Trinidad) Limited, a step which moves this country one step closer […]