General Requirements

  1. Members must promote the best interests of TTIX and consult fully on all matters materially affecting the Internet Exchange Point.
  2. Members must act in good faith towards other members in order to promote the success of TTIX, including cooperating and exchanging traffic with one another and helping to increase the efficiency of internet traffic exchange and the better functioning of the Internet Exchange Point.
  3. Members must ensure that the Internet Exchange Point functions in accordance with the generally accepted standards of good practice.
  4. Members must not interfere with equipment owned by others installed at TTIX without the consent of the owner.
  5. Members will not hold TTIX accountable for any loss, claims or damage resulting from the activities of another Member at the Facility.
  6. Members must pay all fees due within thirty (30) days of the due date.
  7. Members must not connect equipment to or otherwise provide connectivity to TTIX switch infrastructure on behalf of non-members.
  8. Members must not conduct any illegal activities through TTIX.