Trinidad And Tobago Internet Exchange (TTIX) Convenes First Board

Port of Spain, Trinidad – December 2nd 2013

Trinidad & Tobago is one step closer to establishing its own Internet Exchange Point with the hosting of the first meeting and the convening of the Board of the Trinidad and Tobago Internet Exchange.

The Trinidad and Tobago Internet Exchange (TTIX) is a non-profit company comprising the seven major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Trinidad and Tobago, and has been established to set up an Internet exchange point (IXP) which will facilitate the exchange of local Internet traffic between the ISPs. The IXP is seen as a critical component of broadband infrastructure that is necessary for the development of a knowledge-based society driven by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) adoption and

encouragement of locally-hosted Internet applications. The IXP also promises to increase the robustness and privacy of local communications between end users, reduce the

reliance on international network facilities for exchanging native Internet traffic, and deliver improvements in the quality of Internet access to consumers in Trinidad and

Tobago for services and content based locally.

The Board of TTIX held its inaugural meeting on November 7th Officers and discuss the establishment and operation of the country’s first IXP.

The full complement of the Board of TTIX includes: Kurleigh Prescod, of Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited – Chairman; Ajmal Nazir, of Greendot Limited – Vice

Chairman; Narissa Mustapha of Lisa Communications – Treasurer; Gregory Loe of Open

Telecom Limited – Director; Ed Duke of TSTT – Director and Brian Jahra of Three Sixty

Communications Limited – Director. The Secretary position is held by Digicel (Trinidad

and Tobago) Limited.

There are currently six IXPs in the Caribbean today, situated in Curacao (AMS-IX), St

Maarten (OCIX), Grenada (GREX), British Virgin Islands (BVIX), Haiti and Dominica

(DANIX). TTIX is working towards establishing the IXP in Trinidad and Tobago in the first

half of 2014.

For additional information contact:

Name: Ajmal Nazir

Title: Vice Chairman TTIX

Address: Suite 6, Associacao Portuguesa Building, 50 Richmond Street, Port of


2013: Trinidad and Tobago is one step closer to

Spain, Trinidad

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