TTIX2 is born!

27th January 2017 – TTIX is pleased to announce the establishment of a second Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Trinidad and Tobago, TTIX2, based in the southern part of the island of Trinidad. TTIX2 is situated at Airlink’s Data Center in Princes Town, Trinidad, and has been established primarily to facilitate connectivity to the niche Internet Service Providers (ISPs) based in the southern part of Trinidad, such as Rio Claro, Mayaro, Princes Town and Siparia. However, many of the major national ISPs in Trinidad and Tobago also have a presence at the Data Center, and may be available for peering at TTIX2.

The creation of TTIX2 follows Airlink Communications becoming an ordinary member of TTIX in 2016. As a result, Trinidad and Tobago has become the first country in the Caribbean with more than one Internet exchange point (IXP), and continues the development of TTIX since its inception in 2013, which has since accommodated the presence of two (2) root servers, two (2) caching services, and now a second IXP, with more planned for 2017 in collaboration with other stakeholders in the industry.